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"Naked",this song is taken from the upcoming album "Dirty little word" that will be out later this year.
This song has literally built a nest in my speaker system and refuses to leave,it's like a bird that has found his home under the roof of your house and simply stays there to have kiddies.
It's the same thing with this pop pearl that Natalie Umbruglia would die for to release as her own song, wonderful melodies.

Review by Martin Hudson
Classic Rock Society Magazine June issue

Natasha Sohl (sic) "Naked" - Granite Music
I predicted big things for Natasha Sohl last year and that could have been the kiss of death, but having heard this, her latest single, I am sure that the prediction was right. ….. These are exciting times for the ladies in the pop/rock arena as they seem to be taking a solid hold of the market and Natasha Sohl is grabbing her handful.
Naked (and the accompanying I’m Not Listening) – taken from the forth-coming Dirty Little Word album – is good melodic rock music, something that Miss Sohl is a sure fire flag bearer for! Don’t be fooled by the image either as Natasha’s music will do the talking for her. Great stuff!

Review by Miriam Zendle

Natascha Sohl – “Naked”
Natascha Sohl is a French-born, London-living singer-songwriter who has been gigging for over five years.
In the music industry, it is relatively rare for female pop artists to write their own material. Thus, it is refreshing to find an artist such as Sohl writing accessible, top-forty pop songs. Naked is a great pop song, with the rock-pop element harking back to Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson's recent material.
……….. Sohl's work shows a great deal of promise. ……….. she is young, pretty and has the skills that, if her luck turns, could land her a regular Top Ten slot.

Extract from a review from www.youngscot.co.uk

Natascha Sohl - "Naked"
….Natascha Sohl is the angsty rock chick to rival Avril Lavigne and Liz Phair, with great vocals that sound like what Natalie Imbruglia could do if she just put a little bit more oomph in to it.

Single Review by Michael Osborn
Found on CEEFAX Page 531

Natascha Sohl - "Give It All Away"
A newcomer from South London makes her debut at the busiest time of the year. This rapid-paced, rocky tune and Sohl’s tuneful voice are enough to make this stand out on its own